Reiki Courses / Energy Healing Treatments in Harrow


Reiki / Energy Healing Treatments

  • 15 min. £20
  • 30 min. £38
  • 50 min. treatment @ £65
  • Courses starting at £245 (Contact us for more information)

Reiki means universal life force energy in Japanese. Reiki practitioners act as channels for this universal energy to pass into the patient. By using the hands in certain positions on different parts of the body, the healer is said to draw energy to the body, promoting healing, balance and relaxation.

Many complementary practitioners believe that there is a life force, and electromagnetic energy. In China this force is called Chi, in Japan Qui, in India Prana and in Thailand Palang Sak. This energy flows through channels in the body and when this energy gets blocked for any reason, then discomfort and illness can ensue.

The therapist aims to re-balance the flow of these energies, recreating good health. We have designed Reiki Courses and Therapies in Harrow, under the supervision of expert staff.

Reiki energy helps to achieve higher levels of deep relaxation. This state of relaxation is essential to reduce stress and to heal. Reiki works very well alongside traditional medicine for the treatment of Cancer and other chronic diseases.

Reiki has shown a quantifiable improvement in the reduction of Chemotherapy side effects, pain relief, reduction of insomnia, accelerating the healing process after surgery and radiotherapy in the case of Cancer treatments. Reiki is now practised  at  NHS hospital wards as best Healing and Relaxation Therapies in Harrow.


Therapy with Adriana Kahrs, or Roy Meshaka £65 for 50 minutes and Courses (Starting at £245 See Courses’ Price List).

Treatments are available at:

  • £65 for 50 minutes. Elderly 70+ /Infirm £55
  • £38 for 30 minutes. Elderly 70+/Infirm £30
  • £20 for 15 minutes. Elderly 70+ / Infirm £18


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