Nutri Detox Programme

Nutri Detox Programme Including Weight Loss Massages, Supplements, Support, & Seminar


Nutri Detox Weight Loss Programme


14-day program: Individuals (£245), Groups [min. of 4] (£225 per person)


Welcome to our new personalised Nutri & Spatium Detox programme. A combination of specialised Massage, Diet and Supplements to help you to create a new you! Historically, 95% of participants lost weight on this programme, 92% recorded a drop in BMI and 95% recorded a reduction in symptoms.  Individuals have reported to have more energy, enthusiasm, vibrancy, clear headed, no cravings, no-mood swings/grumpiness, feeling very positive following this programme. Additional benefits include, no longer a slave to sugar cravings resulting in a slim, fit and healthy body; with a positive mind set.


Our package includes:    

  • Introductory seminar with an explanation of the benefits for your health. Why detox?
  • 2 full body massages for weight loss:

Initial massage to prepare the body for the detox

Mid programme, second massage to stimulate the release of toxins

  • Three evening sessions through the programme of measurement and weight recording
  • Facebook group membership for follow ups and questions
  • Menu plans careful designed to help unburden the liver of toxic stress
  • Suggested food list
  • Recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Supplement Protocol designed to support liver function
  • Diary to record your progress



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We are located in the heart of Pinner, Harrow, in Sainsbury’s compound, opposite to Pinner Underground station