Massage For Weight Loss

Massage For Weight Loss


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  • 50 mins.@ £60
  • 30 mins @ £35


This therapy consists in a mix of different techniques. A vigorous and includes lots of percussive movements mechanical massage treatment, then manual lymphatic drainage and then connective tissue massage. You may experience a decrease in the circumference of the thighs, a drop in the amount of fat on the abdomen and an improvement in the waist-to-hip ratio.

However, whilst massage can produce almost instant improvements to your body shape and size, you will still need to make some changes to your lifestyle and habits if you want to see dramatic results and if you want to keep the weight off. Some of the benefits of the therapy are:

  • Massage improves your circulation– a full body massage will improve your circulation. In doing so, it brings blood rich in nutrients and oxygen to your tissues and removes the waste products of metabolism. These waste products are removed via the kidneys as urine. So you know things are going well if you find you need to urinate shortly after having a massage. Massage is going to be particularly useful if you know that part of any additional weight you are holding is down to fluid retention.
  • Massage improves muscle tone– Regular massage will help to remove tension, aid relaxation, and where vigorous massage is applied (for example over the hips and thighs) it can also improve the appearance of cellulite.
  • Massage shortens your recovery time following intense physical activity – if part of what is keeping you out of the gym or the pool is the pain you get the day after you have exercised, then look no further. Treat yourself to a massage after your work out. This style of massage is sometimes referred to as post-event massage and is carried out with the aim of clearing any lactic acid and other by-products of respiration that have built up in the muscles whilst you were exercising. As a result you’ll notice less pain (if any) and you’ll be in a much more positive frame of mind when it comes to planning your next exercise session. Sports massage therapists are particularly effective at supporting this kind of massage.
  • Massage aids stress relief – if stress has been a major contributing factor in your weight gain, then you may want to consider relaxation or remedial massage to help you calm down, stop worrying about possibly to help you break any emotional eating habits that you might have engaged in.

Therapist: Adriana Kahrs


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