Massage For The Elderly and Infirm

Massage For The Elderly (Over 70 Years Old) and Infirm

  • 15 mns @ £18
  • 30 mns @ £30
  • 50 mns @ £55
  • 50 mns Hopi Ear Candling @ £64

Caring touch can have profound, positive effects on one’s mental and emotional state; this is especially true for those who are elderly or infirm. Massage provides physical and mental stimulation from an “outside” person not involved in routine care. This can relieve boredom for the mentally alert and help disoriented reconnect with the present time and place. As an individual relaxes, daily frustrations can seem less overwhelming. A person who feels better after a compassionate touch session may be more
inclined to be physically active, to socialize with others, or simply smile at loved ones.

Nurturing touch can calm the anxious or agitated person who feels frightened, depressed or out of control. The person feels less lonely, and is reassured that he or she is still important, that someone cares.  This
generally improves their overall state of mind.

Releasing muscle tension through compassionate touch can:

* Increase blood circulation allowing the body to help heal itself
* Improve balance, coordination, and mobility
* Result in more restful sleep
* Decrease the need for pain or sleeping medication
* Increase energy
* Ease and deepen breathing
* Improve appetite and digestion
* Help relieve constipation
* Positive influence on the immune system




*Treatments for Cancer patients, elderly or infirm may be shorter according to their condition. **Carers of patients have a £5 discount on their 50 min. treatments.

We offer a Mobile service according to availability and circumstances in a radius of 10 miles starting at £80 / hour. Discount may be available if conditions apply.



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