Lymphatic massage (Liposuction post-op)

Why lymphatic massage is useful after liposuction?

Liposuction Surgery is a skin care surgical treatment by which body fat is sucked up from various portions of the human body. The procedure is performed with the aid of a cannula that is linked to a very high-pressure vacuum device.


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According to Dr. Sean Younai, plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills in the USA, massaging after liposuction is invaluable. Massaging after liposuction helps to reduce swelling, smoothen out the skin irregularities or folds, and to make the skin less sensitive.

Most people are pretty sore in the first two weeks. After the operation you can expect lumpiness and unevenness for at least the first 4-6 weeks. Your surgeon should see you at week 1 to be sure there are no fluid accumulations (seroma) that can go on to become scar tissue and lumps that are difficult to fix.
For many patients, lymphatic drainage massage performed by a qualified, licensed massage therapist can begin as early as three days after your procedure. Patients who had their liposuction performed using the Endermology, Syngerie, or Venus workstations should wait at least two weeks after surgery before beginning a massage programme.

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Why do I offer this service at Spatium?


I know by experience that the post operation of the surgery when the healing system quicks in, things are very difficult for the patient. All the ladies that I have treated are in terrible pain, the skin is so tender, they feel like a burning sensation, it is swollen, and they are unable to move smoothly, unable to sleep at night, some lumps look horrible and the pain is horrendous.

What I explained to my clients is how the lymphatic system works, how your body heals and what the surgery does and how the body responds to the aggression. Liposuction is not a natural process, it is not losing weight or creating new curves or sculpting new figures in a kind, gentle and slow process! therefore the reaction of the body is dramatic, and the massage helps the body to recover. It is a kind extra help, that it can be painful, but it helps to move things around!


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This therapy is not easy and it can be painful (it is recommended to take some painkillers before the appointment) but it provides results after a course of treatments.

We recommend our package of 6 treatments in a period between 4 to 6 weeks.


Price package of 6 sessions of 50 minutes each: £325

Individual session: £65.

The package is valid for 16 weeks and it is not transferable or reimbursable.