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Oncology Massage / Oncology Reflexology (Palliative Care)


Oncology Massage (Palliative Care)

  • Up to 20 min. FREE consultation and assessment on the first 50 min. treatment


The Society for Oncology Massage (USA) defines oncology massage as “The adaptation of massage to safely nurture body, mind and spirit of anyone who is dealing with cancer.” Further reading defines massage as the ancient art of manipulating the soft tissues of the body to relieve stress and promote overall well-being.

The main modality of massage used is Swedish massage. This style primarily uses gliding, stroking, kneading and tapping to manipulate soft tissues and muscles. Other forms of massage that would be appropriate for oncology patients include myotherapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, and energy work and lymphatic massage. Excepting myotherapy, each of these techniques emphasizes light contact with the patient, or in the case of aromatherapy and some forms of energy work, no contact with the patient’s body. Myotherapy involves deep tissue massage to relieve pain

Among the benefits are relaxation, reduced insomnia, improvement in appetite and digestion, improved circulation, stress reduction, and relief for fatigue and pain. The chief benefit is relaxation and stress reduction, although many patients report improved energy levels following massage. For patients undergoing chemotherapy, massage can improve fatigue and reduce stress while promoting relaxation. For patients undergoing surgery, massage can aid recovery and restore mobility to the affected areas. In addition, some patients report massage as a way to eliminate the need for pain medications.




Oncology Reflexology (Palliative Care)

  • Up to 20 min. FREE consultation and assessment on the first treatment

Reflexology has an inestimable function of eliminating pain and uncomfortable sensation, relieving side effects of Chemotherapy, strengthening immunity, promoting wound healing, recovering physical strength before and after surgery and during the period of chemotherapy.


Prices: 30 min £30

50 min £55


*Treatments for Cancer patients, elderly or infirm may be shorter according to their condition.

We offer a Mobile service according to availability and circumstances in a radius of 10 miles starting at £80 / hour. Discount may be available if conditions apply.





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