30 Minute Treatments


 Express Foot Reflexology / Reiki / Energy / Spiritual Healing (Energy therapy) / Any Massage £38



Express Foot Reflexology £38

In ancient times, when feet were our main method of transport, they were washed, stroke and massaged. There are references to them in different cultures around the world, even in the Bible. In Egypt, in the tomb of Ankhamor the physician wall carvings were found showing work being on the feet. From China and Native American tribes have evidences of work on the feet as well. The Modern Western Reflexology was developed in America by Eunice Ingham based on the works of the physician Fitzgerald in the 1930’s. The principle is that there are reflex points in both feet and hands that relate to all organs and body systems. The therapist will balance these points in order to help the body’s own healing process.


Reiki / Energy / Spiritual Healing (Energy therapy) £38

Reiki means universal life force energy in Japanese. Western/ Christian tradition calls this force the Holy Spirit. Reiki healers act as channels for this universal energy to pass into the patient. By using the hands in certain positions on different parts of the body, the healer is said to draw energy to the body, promoting healing, balance and relaxation. Many complementary practitioners believe that there is a life force, and electromagnetic energy. In China this force is called Chi, in Japan Qui, in India Prana and in Thailand Palang Sak. This energy flows through channels in the body and when this energy gets blocked for any reason, then discomfort and illness can ensue. The therapist aims to rebalance the flow of these energies, recreating good health.

We also offer other energy based therapies such as Angelic Reiki, Spiritual Healing, and Crystal therapy. These therapies work with different healing energies that are different to Reiki.


Holistic Massage, Sport / Remedial / Therapeutic Massage £38

Massage is a holistic therapy as it is treating the individual as a whole. It is especially useful in treatment of stress and stress-related conditions, helping to release imbalances and toxins from the body. Also it helps to release muscular tension, pain relief, improving restriction of movement, deep relaxation and nourishing the body. We use high quality vegetable oils, cold pressed oils designed to massage therapies.

Therapists: Adriana Kahrs and Anna Winek

Concessions and discounts available for the 70+, Cancer /Chronic disease sufferers £30


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We are located in the heart of Pinner, Harrow, in Sainsbury’s compound, opposite to Pinner Underground station