Roy Meshaka

Born into London in 1993 and raised in a mid-eastern home, mindfulness and meditation has always been a part in Roy’s conditioning. Holding a great power to connect with people Roy provides a space, a stage, for a person to express their needs or troubles with judgement put aside and ego left at the door. There is a sense comfort and openness within his presence delivering a wider perspective through his intelligence and spiritual growth, bringing healing for your greatest good.
Roy is a trained and experienced Reiki practitioner (level 2) and training to be a Reiki Master. Continuously passing on joy and wisdom, he speaks from his higher self.

Through the career of being a Chef, connecting and preparing ingredients, his dishes are energised with love and intention. The ritual of preparing and eating food has been lost through the convenience of living in a fast-paced city and Roy teaches us how to bring that connection back. With greater connection comes greater healing, in all areas.


Fun, colourful and a bit of looney toon, you can find wisdom, knowledge, peace and joy in Roy’s teachings.



30 minute Reiki Therapy  – £35
60 minute Reiki Therapy  – £60

The therapy time is separate from the talk/conclusion before and after the session which Roy invites you to be a part of as a process of reflection.


Contact Roy (The Reiki Chef)


Mobile: 07722 403803 – you can choose to leave a voicemail or a text if prefer in case I miss your call.