Adriana Kahrs


Adriana Kahrs was born in Bogota, Colombia and since she was a child, she was prone to put her hands on people, animals, and plants to make them better. Ever since, she had a heart full of compassion and intuition to be guided towards the areas where pain or other problems were.

People were saying that they felt better; animals were healing. She was by then very intuitive and psychic, mainly about health issues. Time passed and she grew up and got experience in other sectors; she pursued a scientific career in Medicine, followed by Microbiology. After a few years she changed for an artistic approach with a career in Design, and later, explored a more commercial and managerial sector in Export Management.

In 2006, she studied Alternative and Complementary Therapies and enhanced her natural gifted abilities. Subsequently, she had the opportunity to create her dream; a clinic of different disciplines of alternative and complementary therapies, where they combine energy healing with therapeutic manual treatments and mind therapies, such as psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, to name a few.

She created a space where people can heal, relax and learn to be better, happier and healthier. She has different specialties, but she is particularly fond of treating people who have cancer as she has witnessed how much she can help them.  For her, helping others in palliative care is a very humbling experience, where there is so much love, and so much humanity.

Adriana is an intelligent, gifted, knowledgeable, experienced, spiritual and generous woman who cares dearly for others. Her vocation and devotion is to help you to heal and release pain, stress and suffering. She is committed and dedicates her life to serve others with love, compassion and honesty.

Adriana is also the author of a healing system that will help you in any aspect of your life. She wrote I.S healing System, A guide to understanding yourself; aiming to help you in your healing process.

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She, also, wants to share with you a letter from one of her clients; it is testimonials like this that motivates her every day to carry on doing what she does:



Dear Adriana

I am writing to tell you how grateful I am to you, for everything you have done, everything you are doing and everything I am still yet to experience and benefit from.

Words cannot express the experience I have with you, the journey you are taking me on is so wonderful and amazing.

As you are aware, I was diagnosed with lung cancer – stage 4 – in November 2014.  The Oncologist have given me two years to live.  With such devastating news, you can imagine how I felt emotionally.  I started treatment in December 2014 and by March 2015, it had cleared up.  Unfortunately, when I went back for my 3 month CT scan at the end of July, it was discovered that my cancer had returned in my Lymph nodes in the right lung.

On the 8th November 2015, a day I will never forget, as I was at my lowest point of giving up and I was in such an emotional state as that whole week was full of negativity for me and someone close to me had just passed away of cancer.   I just didn’t know who to turn to or talk to about how I was feeling.  Then all of a sudden, your name came into my head and I knew I had to call you.

After speaking to you on the phone, Adriana, I HAD A VISION OF HOPE.

On Thursday 12th November 2015, I got my first appointment with you.    WOW……..How amazing and wonderful I felt.    YOU were so connected with my     MIND………BODY………. &….. SOUL.   I left your clinic feeling as if the weight has been lifted of my shoulders.  I felt as I could stand up straight and walk into the path of HOPE AND STRENGH AND POSITIVITY.   I went home and thought about everything you did and said to me. Encouraging me, supporting me & most of all and very important…..UNDERSTANDING ME.

I have now had 4 sessions with you and I feel so POSITIVE and HAPPY knowing that I will beat this cancer.  Like you said to me……EMBRACE the cancer…..and only then, you can CONTROL the cancer.

I have adopted this attitude and I feel like a completely new person.  I feel as if I have been RE-BORN again. I have have been given a new lease to LIFE.  I am taking this oppotunity and EMBRACING it with both hands.





Mina Andrews


Services Adriana offers at Spatium include:

Holistic & Therapeutic massage, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Diet and Nutrition, Reiki, Reiki courses, Remedial massage, Chakra Yog, Hopi Ear Candling, Seated Meridian Massage, Facial massage, Oncology Massage and Oncology Reflexology, Lymphatic massage, Indian Head massage, Massage for the Elderly and Infirm, Hot Stones massage, Massage for Golfers, Spiritual Healing, Advice on Supplements, among others.

Courses and workshops: Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Reiki Circles, Meditation.

Affiliations / memberships

I hold several industry certificates, diplomas and post-graduate qualifications, accredited by ITEC, EMBODY and CThA (Complementary Therapists Association).