About Us

Are you are in any pain? Under stress? or if  you have any injury and/or restricted movements? Or perhaps, it is a psychological issue for yourself or your children? or, do you, or a member of your family, suffer from a serious and chronic disease? Or, do you have any issues with weight? or, perhaps you just want to relax after a long day… Or enjoy some yoga classes?

Whatever your needs, your age, your health … We can help you!


Spatium (meaning space) Clinic offers complementary and alternative health care.

All of Spatium’s practitioners are qualified to the highest standards in their field and have many years of experience. They offer you a unique combination of finely tuned knowledge, a positive energising attitude, and a belief in personal development and change.

Each practitioner brings their full attention to your physical, mental and emotional needs and offers you an integrated body or mind treatment.  Spatium’s practitioners offer you the best possible care that is delivered with love, integrity and compassion.

At Spatium we invite you to join us in our space and experience how we can help you to recover health, vitality and a zest for life.

You can benefit from any of our services such as;  Pain management, Therapeutic/Sport and relaxing Massage therapies, Reflexology,  Acupuncture, Psychological therapies and counselling for Children, Teens and Adults.

You also will benefit from our Cognitive Hypnotherapy,  Nutrition, Reiki among others.

We also have Chakras assessment therapy based on balancing chakras and recommending Rudraksha beads and precious gems for healing, according to traditional Vedic therapeutic treatments. We are the exclusive representative for the UK of Rudraksha Ratna Therapy (Visit our website www.uk.chakrayog.com).

You can benefit from our Yoga classes, such as Kundalini,  Meditation & Mindfulness classes, Intuitive Art workshops at different times during the week. (Please notice that our courses and seminars take place outside of our normal opening hours).
All our seminars, workshops and Reiki Courses take place in a relaxing, friendly and peaceful environment.

We offer subsidised tariffs to the over 70’s, cancer or chronic disease sufferers, carers and charities. Our therapies range from relaxation to more specific treatments such as those for paralysed individuals, Cancer sufferers on remission or in palliative care.

We work alongside organisations dealing with cancer, brain tumour or /and any other chronic conditions.

We also have a business to business service treating individuals on location.

We sell Nutri Advanced supplements, Therapeutic Jewellery, Crystals, and Botanic Revolution; skin products that are handmade, locally produced, completely natural, with no chemicals or nasty preservatives.

For any supplements enquiries write to us. We offer free advice for all your supplements needs. Just tell us what condition / issues you want to address and we will recommend you the most appropriate supplement.

You can give caring loving healing to your loved ones with our Gift Certificates, (Contact us to find which therapies are eligible).


At Spatium we believe in a Natural healing process: “Your health is our passion”

At Spatium, we work in different sectors as follows:

  • Physical / manual therapies; by using advanced therapeutic techniques for the release of pain, improvement of mobility, relaxation, reduction of stress. Energy based therapies, such as Reiki, and Chakra Yog, where we provide a holistic approach to healing, working with different essences of the individual (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical); their interaction with their surroundings, relationships, work and any other aspects that may affect them physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
  • Mental services / psychology, neuropsychology and Counselling for children, teenagers and adults. We provide a Memory clinic, Neuropsychology services, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Systemic Therapies, Psychodynamic therapy and an expert witness’ services to name a few. In addition, we provide Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique /Tapping, Life Coaching (Children and adults) and Meditation.
  • Educational sector. We provide diverse seminars, workshops and courses in a monthly bases (Please check our blog for updates). We believe that knowledge brings power and healing. You can benefit of our short one day courses and learn to treat yourself, your relatives and friends. You may also become a Reiki Practitioner. Reiki will transform your life; it is a life changing experience. Reiki courses have three levels. With the Second Degree Reiki Diploma you will be able to become a professional Reiki Practitioner allowing you to have your own clients and increase your revenue.
  • Retail sector. We offer products we consider are of high quality, good value for money and beneficial as a whole for your well-being. We tried all our products and recommend them after a deep scrutiny. We offer Nutri Advanced Supplements of very high quality, great concentration, well balanced and right ratios that are safe, with great scientific support that are sold only through practitioners. We also offer Chakra Yog items in store and on-line and Botanic Revolution, fantastic creation of Andrew Olgado, passionate  about plants who creates the most beautiful skin produce himself. They are all hand made; he harvests some of the plants and distils their essences to create natural soaps, hand creams, balms, face creams. He is based in Harrow and we aim to support our local entrepreneurs. His products are chemicals free, in perfect balance with skin composition and without nasty preservatives.
  • We run subsidised packages for charities. We also offer mobile services to businesses and individuals.

Please relax, deep breathing, slow down  and embark yourself in a fantastic experience by visiting our pages. Discover who we are and what we do. We have something especially for your needs. Something useful and beneficial that will make your life healthier and much happier!