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Food intolerance and mental health – stress related disorders, anxiety and depression.
It is well known that diet and gut health affect mental health symptoms such as stress-related disorders, depression and anxiety.  Gut microbiota are known to be influential in the susceptibility to food sensitivities. Restoration and maintenance of healthy intestinal, and blood brain, barriers is key to improved health, and dietary changes based on IgG-guided elimination diet show promise as a viable intervention strategy. Food-specific IgG antibodies pass through a permeable blood brain barrier and are directly pathological to the brain.
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In the largest study of its kind, Allergy UK commissioned a retrospective postal survey of those who had elevated food-specific IgG levels and had  purchased a IgG test and food-specific IgG-guided diet programme.
Of the 708 subjects reporting psychological conditions, including depression, anxiety, behavioural problems, hyperactivity, mental fog, ASD and panic attacks, 81% reported an improvement in their condition following a food-specific IgG-guided elimination diet.
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If you are seeking for help in this matter you can order Food Intolerance Test IgG with The Spatium Clinic.
Lorisian Food Intolerance Tests available in here
We can advice you and point you to the right direction and change your life for the better. You can make the test at home or at Spatium, Pinner, where we will be happy to assist you with the service Free of charge.
You also can consult our in house nutritionist Anna Winek who will guide you and offer the best possible dietary plan for your condition.
It is time to change with the old and embrace a new, happier, healthier YOU!
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