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Safe heaven therapy with Lisa Carroll

Where is your safe haven?

The Havening Technique® is the new kid on the block in psychosensory therapies, having been developed by Ron Ruden, MD, PhD in collaboration with his brother Steve Ruden, DDS. Havening, as it is more commonly known is designed to change the brain to remove the emotion from traumatic memories and remove the negative effects from both our psyche and body.

So what can you expect from a session with a Havening Practitioner? Havening involves touch, which can either be administered by the practitioner or by the client, if preferred. The practitioner will ask you to either recall a traumatic event or get in touch with an emotion that is at the root of a problem you may be experiencing. You will then clear your mind and focus on something positive, while the practitioner asks a series of questions and strokes your face, arms and hands if you feel comfortable with them doing so.

As a result of being touched, The Havening Technique® causes the brain to produce delta waves, which are usually associated with the deep stage 3 of NREM sleep. Clients find that Havening is very relaxing and they usually report feeling very calm at the end of a session. After Havening, people often find that the original traumatic memory is fuzzy or inaccessible, they may find that they are detached from it and don’t have the emotional attachment they had originally.

The Havening Technique® is being used to treat a number of issues from PTSD, anxiety, phobias through to pain relief to name but a few.

Here is footage of Dr. Paul McKenna demonstrating The Havening Technique® at the United Nations on the 2oth March 2016 for World Happiness Day.

Lisa Carroll safe Haven


If you would like to know more, then please contact me at to see how The Havening Technique® can help you with issues you may be experiencing.

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