Back Massage in London

Back massage in London

Head / Neck / Shoulder/ Back

Based on principles of Ayurveda medicine, it is excellent for the upper back, shoulders, head, face and hair. The centers are accommodating with Back Massage in London. Excellent for whiplash and stress related conditions. Recommended for corporate environment, short treatments of 10 to 15 minutes available.



Reiki means universal life force energy in Japanese. Western/ Christian tradition calls this force the Holy Spirit. Reiki healers act as channels for this universal energy to pass into the patient. By using the hands in certain positions on different parts of the body, the healer is said to draw energy to the body, promoting healing, balance and relaxation. This energy flows through channels in the body and when this energy gets blocked for any reason, then discomfort and illness can ensue. The therapist aims to re-balance the flow of these energies, recreating good health.


Seated Acupressure Massage

It is a clothed, non-oil treatment of the back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and scalp. Clients will be comfortably seated on an ergonomically designed massage chair, while the therapist employs pressure work to ease muscular tension, reduce stress levels, relieve headaches & migraines and improve alertness. It is the perfect treatment for the office and event environment, leaving employees or guests revitalised and invigorated for the day’s challenges.


Foot Massage

Massage can be a wonderful way to relax and de-stress your muscles and joints.

Lower leg and foot massage is an absolutely fantastic massage. It is good for relaxation, de-stress the calf muscle. It helps to improve circulation and muscular tone. Highly recommended after a flight, if your legs are feeling particularly heavy, and it’s great for mums-to-be; it’s one of those treatments that you can still have, it’s not contraindicated for pregnancy, which means that you can really enjoy this type of massage.


Hand Massage

A hand massage is a massage that specifically targets the muscles in the hands. It may be used alone or experienced along with a longer massage that includes the upper back and/or arms. This type of massage can be especially useful for people who spend a great deal of time working with their hands, and it can also provide relief for people who spend many hours a day at a computer keyboard or the elderly.

A hand massage is a good alternative for those who are uncomfortable having a full-body massage but would still like to experience the relaxation and health benefits, it is not necessary to remove any articles of clothing. Furthermore, the massage can be enjoyed while sitting in a comfortable chair, which is an attractive feature to some people who feel vulnerable while lying down on a massage table.


We have a reduced tariff to the Elderly (over 70+) and Infirm £15.


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