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At Spatium we believe in a Natural healing process:

“Your health is our passion”

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We are located at the heart of Pinner in Harrow, Greater London.

3 Barter’s Walk, Pinner, Harrow HA5 5LU

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Whatever your needs, your age, your health … We can offer you our expert care!

At Spatium we have something for everyone. Maybe you are in pain or under stress, or you have an injury or restricted movement.  Or perhaps you have psychological worries, or your child does. Do you, or a member of your family, suffer from a serious and chronic disease? Or, do you have any difficulties with weight?

Perhaps you just want to relax after a long day, or enjoy some yoga classes?

Spatium is your space to heal, to release and to relax.


Spatium Clinic is a centre of excellence created by Adriana Kahrs, who is a highly experienced and powerful healer and therapist, also author of the International acclaimed book:

I.S Healing System, A guide to understanding yourself.

Spatium offers you complementary and alternative health care provided by an elite of practitioners.

All of Spatium’s practitioners are qualified to the highest standards in their field and have many years of experience. They offer you a unique combination of finely tuned knowledge, a positive energising attitude, and a belief in personal development and change. Each top-class practitioner brings their full attention to your physical, mental and emotional needs and offers you an integrated body or mind treatment.  Spatium’s practitioners offer you the best possible care that is delivered with respect, kindness, integrity and compassion.


Recover health, vitality and a zest for life.


Spatium is a centre of merit with a big embrace. Call us or come along and find out about the wide range of complementary health services that you can benefit from. We offer therapeutic, sports and relaxing massage therapies, Reflexology,  Reiki, Acupuncture, Naturopathy Nutrition, Clinical Herbalism, mind therapies including cognitive hypnotherapy and counselling for children, teens and adults among others.

We also offer chakras assessment therapy, based on balancing the chakras and recommending Rudraksha beads and precious gems for healing, in accordance with traditional Vedic therapeutic treatments. We are the exclusive representative in the UK of Rudraksha Ratna Therapy, a powerful healing science developed by Neeta Singhal in India. Visit our website www.uk.chakrayog.com  Learn about the mystic powerful energies developed by ancient cultures based on Hinduism. There are over 7000 products to chose from plus fascinating information to submerge and learn about these powerful tools for healing, prosperity and self realization.

The therapies available at Spatium include relaxing therapies to more specific treatments such as those for people with paralysis, people with cancer who are in remission or people who need palliative care. We offer subsidised tariffs to people over 70 years of age, to people with cancer, brain tumours and degenerative disease and to charities supporting people with these life-limiting illnesses.


For your loved ones… the best gift!


If you would like to give caring, loving healing to your loved ones why not buy one of our Gift Certificates. (Contact us to find which therapies are eligible).


Learn to heal yourself and others! Learn with the experts!


We provide diverse seminars, workshops and courses on a monthly basis. Please check our blog for updates. We believe that knowledge brings power and healing. You can benefit from our short one-day courses and learn to treat yourself, your relatives and friends. You might be interested in training to be a Reiki Practitioner. Reiki can be  life-changing experience. Reiki courses have three levels. With the second level Reiki Diploma you will be able to become a professional Reiki Practitioner allowing you to have your own clients and increase your revenue.

You can try out our Kundalini yoga classes,  Meditation & Mindfulness classes, workshops in Nutrition, Art therapy, Spirituality, Massage. Reiki courses take place in Spatium’s relaxing, friendly and peaceful environment.


If you cannot come to us, we will go to you!

We also offer mobile services to businesses and individuals.



Think of the mental and physical health of your workforce!


If you own or manage a business and are keen to offer complementary health treatments to your workforce, we also have a business-to-business service, treating individuals on-site at work.



Please relax, breathe deeply, slow down and embark on a fantastic experience


Discover who we are and what we do. We have something especially for your needs, something useful and beneficial that will make your life healthier and much happier!

We have a great number of testimonials and thousands of grateful and satisfied clients who are enjoying of a happier and healthier life thank to us!



Come to visit us today!

Check our virtual tour and get an idea of how wonderful it would feel  to have a treatment with us!  

Check our virtual tour



We are located in the heart of Pinner, Harrow, in Sainsbury’s compound, opposite to Pinner Underground station